Today's website marketing landscape is ever growing and changing in so many ways. It can be quite a challenge

for a business to reach their goals without a dedicated team with the knowledge and experience to help walk

you through the many options available and intelligently decide which is best for your business.

Getting traffic to your website is easier than you think!


There is no one size fits all for website marketing. Each business has it's own unique customer base and various methods of acquiring new customers online. The volume of users searching for goods and services on the internet is ever expanding as customers look to online reviews and fast search results. The truth is, our culture is changing the way business works in America and EVERY business needs a plan on how people will find their products and services.


We are happy to help walk you through the process without charging you an arm and a leg. Most of our competitors charge at least double for their services but we are much more interested in keeping your business for 10-20 years instead of making a quick buck selling you services that may very well be unnecessary.


The first step to any website marketing campaign is to have a meeting, either in person or on the phone, and discuss your goals and the path to reaching those goals realistically.






SEO   Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is one of the foundations to any online marketing plan to get customers to find your website, especially locally. If you sell products or services to a general region around your area, then SEO will help users searching for relevant keywords to your website organically without paid ads.


In most cases SEO should be the 1st step you take

down your website marketing journey. SEO will

improve ranking in the organic results of search

engines (Not Paid Ads).


Advantages of SEO:


1. More affordable than SEM or PPC marketing.


2. Target local geographical areas more effectively.


3. Users are more likely to purposely ignore Ads and go straight to the organic listings.


4. Long term results are much less expensive to keep rather than other methods.







SEM   Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing refers to paid ads on search engines (Not Organic). These are the top 3 listings on Google and all the listings on the right side of the Google search page. These ads require a payment each time a user clicks on the ad. Definitely the 2nd step in most marketing plans and it compliments SEO as well.


Search Engine Marketing can make an impact in a BIG way. Simply set a monthly budget for your advertising dollars and we can completely manage your campaign and start getting your website traffic immediately. We will handle all the analytics and constantly maintain your campaign to ensure we are bringing the right users to your website.


Advantages of SEM:


1. Immediate traffic to your website.


2. You only pay when a customer clicks the ad, so no advertising dollars are wasted.


3. Some categories are not much less competitive in localized areas and with certain topics.


4. SEM results almost always improve over time due to analytics and campaign adjustments.


5. Remarketing is another method of SEM which targets display ads to customers who already left your site.


6. Ability to target users specifically based on a wide variety of demographics and user info including Desktop, Tablets, or Phones.







Remarketing is an essential part of any online advertising campaign and will greatly improve sales. Increase your impressions using Remarketing Ads to specifically target previous website visitors. Relevant Ads displayed on the user's favorite websites they regularly visit based on their shopping habits and online interests. These are users who have already visited your website and shown interest in your products or services and need a little more incentive to make a purchasing decision or contact you for more information.


Remarketing is a form of online advertising specific to users who first visit your website, then leave, and while they are visiting other websites your ad will be displayed. Basically their computer is tracked and based on their interests and previous searches your ad will be displayed if the website has remarketing ads in their page.






Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a powerful method to reach new customers and create buzz around your company brand. Some businesses actually use social media so much that they depend on it because of the ability to target specific user interests based on their profiles which even Google can't do.


We manage your social media accounts by posting updates with new content regularly for brand awareness and current customer engagement and create an ad campaign on various social media platforms to gain new followers as well.


1. Target users based on real data about them

not otherwise available on other avenues.


2. Immediately drive traffic and start building

name recognition for your brand.


3. Usually more affordable than SEM.


4. Easy to adapt to the current Social Climate.







Directory listings

Directory Listings are an important part of making your website searchable online. We evaluate your business' needs and develop the best strategy for listing your business information on the major Directory Lists. Then we list all your detailed information about your business like Name, Address, Phone, Website, Hours of operation, and additional info about your products and services. The links to these listing are also provided to you so you can start getting reviews online and make your business stand out against the rest. They can also be added to your website to make it easier for customers to leave reviews about you.


Local Directory Listings are an added companion to Search Engine Optimization so all the major search engines can index your website and make your online presence for relevant to search providers. The more reviews and website page visits from search engine hosted Directory Listings also improves your SEO results too.






Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to keep up to date with your current customer base or to build interest for upcoming sales. Simply put, email is a relevant place in marketing and lead generation can be very effective for a number of marketing plans.


The best part about email marketing is the cost. Very inexpensive and effective if the email is professionally created and thought out well to stand out to the reader and grab their attention.


1. Inexpensive to maintain.


2. Gather new sales leads and promote yourself.


3. Keep in contact with current customers.


4. Specific promotional marketing.


5. Target a particular audience by category if needed.







Web Marketing that works!

We can create an affordable online marketing campaign that will work for you and your business. We will get quality traffic to your website and let you run your business without having to worry about your website's marketing anymore.


It all starts with a simple meeting either in person or over the phone to discus the details of your business and what fits into your budget.



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